On Why I Write About Travel

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why I became a travel writer. As I write more and more about foreign destinations, gastronomy, hospitality, and culture abroad, I entertain on how it happened.

I have written before about when I became a travel writer, but I never sat down and reflected on why. While sitting in café in Madrid, I opened my laptop and looked into the themes I enjoy writing about and where I want to take this.

  1. I love to write as much or more as I love to travel. It’s easy to explain how amazing it feels to visit 66 countries and over 200 cities worldwide; most people are willing to read and listen to those stories. However, not everyone can relate to what it feels like to come back from Armenia or Chile and trace back every detail of each trip, recall the names of restaurants, dishes, flavors, airlines, times, weather, cultural idiosyncrasies, etc. and produce an article that both reveal my experiences and invites others to enjoy it. To me, words matter — and sharing my experiences means the world to me.

  2. Discipline & habit. Planning a trip requires a high amount of time and resources. I don’t always have an end goal for each trip but forcing myself to reflect on what I lived can help me discover something new about myself or the world. Writing also keeps me on track, pushes me to plan better, and prompts me to continue exploring. It improves and refines the way I discover the planet.

  3. Community & support. People who travel extensively, sadly, become less impressed with new destinations; the efforts put into research and preparing a trip to reduce uncertainty comes at the expense of eliminating surprises. These surprises are what keep me going, so writing about where I went or will go connects me to people who have been to places which I haven’t discovered yet, and their bits of advice and stories inspire me.

Sharing my travels with others is a beautiful thing. It is a way of giving something back to my friends, family, and readers. I become a more confident and adept traveler with each trip, and my words connect, help, and inspire others to get on the road.

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